Tips To Have A More Organized Life!

Tips To Have A More Organized Life!

If you put the mail week after week on the kitchen counter, it eventually piles up! And that pile of shoes by the door, how long have they been piling up? Since we know that many times we are too busy to do it hot we bring you these tips to have a more organized life.

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We know that organized living is a little difficult and overwhelming at times and even more so when you have to get organized to clean your house. So if you don’t have time, call a cleaning company and here are some tips to have a more organized life.


 Add it to your daily routine

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If your home is seemingly always cluttered, get into the habit of tidying it up every day. Spend 10-20 minutes of your time and work on a different cluttered area each day. Don’t try to tackle the whole house in one day. But if you are looking for professional help don’t hesitate to call us.


Make space

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Removing piles of stuff and junk from the house can give you a sense of more emotional and mental space. Examine your biggest piles of clutter and decide what “stuff” to donate – if it’s out of your house, it’s no longer clutter!


Store it

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Create more storage space! Everything should have its place. If you have items and documents that don’t necessarily belong in a certain part, designate a storage unit for miscellaneous items. For this, use a drawer where you can keep everything organized and labeled so you know what each box is.






Bye bye messy place!

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What if I told you that you could organize your closet once and it could stay organized for months to come? Marie Kondo, author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” says it’s possible. She proposes an epic cleanse. While it may take time and patience to clean your home this way, it’s totally worth it in the end. 


Clean everything!

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If your house is clean, but, nevertheless, you’re still feeling a bit of clutter, it could be the hundreds of emails slowing down your phone, or the countless documents on your desk that you “will undoubtedly need at some point.” The computer can quickly become a clutter-filled haven of data and information – such a vast amount of information in one place can almost make you feel worse than coming home to find clutter!





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