Tips For Food Storage In The Fridge

Tips For Food Storage In The Fridge

Organizing food in the refrigerator seems simple, without much detail. However, to preserve all types of food, it is key to have a good organization of food to be able to consume and eat intelligently. This way we avoid food waste because it was not in our sight. That’s why today we bring you these simple tips for food storage in the fridge.

Each space in your fridge has a particularity with respect to temperature, some are colder or more humid than others. Avoiding cross-contamination or food spoilage is achieved if you place them in the right space. With the right food storage you will have an easier, faster and of course healthier cooking routine.

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Refrigerator door

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Beverages and products with preservatives. It is the easiest place to access and where the temperature is very variable. There you should place drinks, jams, condiments, and sauces. These products have more preservatives or are stored with lids. 

Upper zone 

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The upper part of the refrigerator is ideal for cold meats, butter, some cheeses, cut fruits, and already prepared and portioned food. Some refrigerators include a tray that allows a better organization of this space. 

Middle zone for dairy and meats

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This is the best place for milk, cheese, yogurt; products that need a temperature of 7°C approximately. Here it is ideal to organize with containers and accessories. 

Lower zone for fruits and vegetables

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The lower drawers are the best place for fruits and vegetables. Of course, remember to separate them from each other, since fruits can generate gasses that deteriorate vegetables. Most refrigerators always offer 2 separate trays so you can organize the richest, most colorful, and healthiest foods.


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This space is the right one for raw meats, poultry, and fish that require the correct temperature for preservation. 


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Trays and organizational accessories allow you to keep everything in order and easily accessible.

Store in individual portions or according to the number of people in your family. 

Keep your fridge at the right temperature: 5°C in the refrigerator and -18°C in the freezer. 

Try to open the refrigerator door only when necessary, for the shortest possible time.

We invite you to follow these recommendations to keep your fridge organized and preserve food for longer.


With these simple tips you will be able to better organize the storage of food in the refrigerator and remember that if you need help in your cleaning call us!

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