These Are Specialists Who Lend A Hand At Home

These Are Specialists Who Lend A Hand At Home

Keeping a home in the best conditions is an arduous task and requires friendly hands. Who can solve everything? The air conditioner is broken, a light bulb doesn’t turn on, the faucet is leaking… and these are just a few examples. Besides, in everyday life, there are many small and important tasks to be solved: cooking, washing, ironing, and cleaning… Why didn’t they warn us that it was this difficult? 

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Precisely, to make your life easier, we decided to create this blog with these are specialists who lend a hand at home.


Professionals you need in your home

Services for a sparkling clean home

Maid Service

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It is one of the most important because keeping your house clean is something essential in our life and more if we do not have time to do it ourselves. You can hire the cleaning company of your preference or call us and we can quote you the best prices guaranteeing you a first class service.


Curtain cleaning

Easy Tips to Clean Your Curtains

Take a look at your blinds, blackouts, screens, or sheers, how are they? It’s time to give them a little TLC and remove dust and stains that appear over time. And don’t worry, we clean your curtains without disassembling them or taking them away.

Mattress Cleaning

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It is likely that fungi, mites, or bacteria live in your mattress or that you perceive unwanted odors. 🦠 How long has it been since you last cleaned it? For hygiene and health reasons, it must be completely disinfected. 


Window cleaning

How to Clean Windows

Let’s do some exercise… Close your eyes and imagine having all your windows transparent and clean inside.

You don’t need to keep dreaming anymore, it’s possible! Our cleaning experts will leave your windows, glass dividers, and glass used completely clean.



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Is there a water leak in your home? Is the pressure of the faucets in bathrooms and kitchens low or the toilet does not flush properly? Better call your plumber of your preference.



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Don’t take risks! Especially when it comes to an electrical problem, avoid improvising. Get a professional to check and inspect the outlets, lighting, switches, and electrical installations in your home. 


Remember if you want to get your house Sparkling Cleaned without moving a finger, don’t hesitate and call Cleany! 

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