Spring Cleaning: The Ultimate Survival Guide

Spring Cleaning: The Ultimate Survival Guide

Spring Cleaning Guide us finally here. Made by Cleany specially for that time of the year. When winter is coming to an end, love is in the air, everything that surrounds us flourishes & even your mood lightens up.

However, not everything is rosy during this season… This is the perfect time to prepare ourselves for allergies to arrive, which most of them are caused by dust, dander, mold or pollen spores.

Are you ready? ‘Cause in Cleany we couldn’t be more excited to begin with this Ultimate Survival SPRING Cleaning Guide! But first…

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Deep Clean CARPETS

To maintain a new carpet’s warranty, you may need to have it cleaned professionally every 12-18 months. Otherwise, you can do it by yourself by renting a deep cleaner or buying a professional-style model designed for home use. Follow the directions for mixing the cleaning solution, rinsing, and drying carefully to ensure you get the best clean.

Don’t Forget Under Furnitures!

Grab a partner to help you move your sofa and chairs and roll up area rugs before vacuuming the floors. It’s important to remove dust from every corner that people can people might frequent. In the kitchen, move any item or kitchen appliances away from the wall as much as you can.

Dust Everywhere!

Yes, including those tiny spots which are rarely seen. Take a broom to the corners of the ceiling to catch any cobwebs in your kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Then, sweep or vacuum the floors. Dust the undersides of every chair and table in your home, and then vacuum and mop the floors around them. Clean every mirror in your home, including ones in the bathrooms, bedrooms, and entryway.

Toss Clutter in the Bathroom

Declutter and clean your bathroom storage. Take everything out, and clean the backs, sides, and bottoms of the cabinets and drawers. Dispose of any expired bathroom cleaning products. Replace any old, worn toothbrushes and/or razors. Wash or replace your shower curtain liner.

Toss Old Papers, Magazines, and Newspapers

Recycle old magazines, newspapers, and packing materials. Organize old paper or plastic shopping bags that are lying around in one location, so you can reuse them. Shred sensitive documents you don’t need anymore. Scan important papers, and shred the originals if they don’t need to be saved.

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