Office cleaning tips

Office cleaning tips

It’s not new that with Covid-19, offices are a must to introduce a mandatory cleaning and disinfection protocol. All surfaces are susceptible to soiling or contamination, so it is very important to clean them regularly. That’s why cleany always gives office cleaning tips to its commercial clients.

The offices are not considered high-risk centers, as hospitals. Hygiene measures are established to maintain the well-being of both customers and workers.

That’s why today we bring you office cleaning tips or keep it clean after a professional cleaning.

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Where to start cleaning?

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The cleanest areas are the ones we should start cleaning to avoid moving dirt from the dirtiest areas. It is essential to remove dust and stains from tables, shelves, chairs, and cabinets to keep the office looking good. To do this, the best trick is to first use a dust mop and then use a damp microfiber cloth to remove all the dirt.



As for cleaning materials

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They should be exclusive for each area. Not mix materials. It is necessary to take special care and take into account the material that we are going to use since it is not the same to clean glass, wood, or plastic surface. We recommend using specific products for each material and that they are of quality.


A double cleaning bucket

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One with detergent and the other with water only for rinsing. It is preferable to use damp mops instead of dry sweeping to avoid spreading dust or bacteria. To clean the floor of an office it is also important to know the material and use specific products to avoid damaging it. In this way, we will avoid wear and tear and achieve a long-lasting shine.



Daily cleaning

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In addition to cleaning office furniture, it is also necessary to perform other important daily tasks to properly clean an office:

Remove trash and debris from tables and wastebaskets daily.

It is necessary to perform daily maintenance so that dirt does not accumulate.

Clean the window panes for more luminosity.

Clean the walls or glass partitions, since they are surfaces that get dirty easily.


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