Nursery Decor Ideas

Nursery Decor Ideas

Living in the city with kids is challenging, especially if you share a small apartment and don’t know how to optimize the kid’s room. These ideas on nursery decor ideas will give you a lot of new ideas for decorating them.

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To begin with, we should keep in mind that the spaces where children live should reflect their personal preferences and their needs such as comfort, fun, and organization. And this is not a static aspect, but changes as they grow up.


Child’s age 

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You can make a list of must-haves for your child to get started. This way you can decide the scope of your remodeling project so you can optimize your budget before you start. If what you require is more of a decorative theme or furniture arrangements, choose the options you will consider first and let your child choose from these options. This way it will be a team effort and he will feel included in all the changes to his room.


Change of paint

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Updating the paint in the room can bring the space back to life. You can play with different shapes and colors according to your child’s style, this is a great way to engage them and spark their creativity. 


Decorative elements

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you can find many options to decorate the walls with removable glow-in-the-dark stickers, pictures, and posters. It all depends on what your child likes. One advantage of these items is that they can usually be easily attached or removed and thus changed periodically. Another way to personalize your child’s room at this point is to display their artwork by framing it and hanging it in their room.


Space for creativity

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Many children like to scratch the walls to paint or draw, and set up a part of their room for them to do it without worrying. In addition, the child must have a space for learning, where he has a comfortable and spacious desk where he can color, draw, do homework or study virtually.


Paint their furniture

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This is a fun option for children to decorate or color their room. Painting a piece of furniture in their style also gives them the space to develop their personality, and can be a fun group activity where the whole family participates.


Fun lighting

Lighting in child's bedroom - GoldenFingers

Nowadays you can find several lighting options where you can reflect, for example, the stars and make the night fun. Various lighting elements, such as lava lamps or spotlights, are items of interest for children to decorate or add color to their room.


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