Mind Blowing Cleaning Facts!

Mind Blowing Cleaning Facts!

We would probably think that we know everything about how to do a proper cleaning in our house. But wrong, there are many tips and facts we didn’t know that will make your life easier!  Check out Cleany’s A Plus Mind Blowing Cleaning Facts!

That’s why today cleany brings you facts and tips that will blow your mind how easy and quick they are to use and change your cleaning habits.

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Clean your kitchen sink often!

Many studies have said that toilets are cleaner than dishwashers because so much waste goes into the dishwasher that it gets much dirtier than a toilet. So focus on cleaning your dishwasher more often with the right products or with the help of a professional cleaner.




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Leave your antibacterial cleansers longer

We often make this common mistake but professionals recommend leaving it on longer instead of cleaning right away so that it is more effective and eliminates all germs. For more tips keep on reading our A Plus Mind Blowing Cleaning Facts!




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Cleaning burns calories

Just as you read it! We have proven that cleaning helps us to burn calories in 2 hours. You can burn 200 calories so you will not only burn calories but you will also have a clean house.







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Sparkling water magic

Sparkling water will remove stains in fabrics and carpet, as the carbon dioxide dissolves tannins and dyes from the fibers.







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Bye bye bleach

Bye bleach & disinfectants when we are cleaning the fridge using bleach and disinfectants we alter the smell of our food in the refrigerator instead try using warm soapy water this will not make your refrigerator smell like chemicals and will leave it just as clean.






Germs last longer than we think

Germs usually last more than 3 days on wet surfaces such as bathrooms and kitchens and 24 hours on dry surfaces such as toys, furniture and beds. So every surface must be thoroughly disinfected.




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Sleep better with air purifiers!

Sleeping well helps us to be more relaxed during our day and to be more proactive. That’s why having an air purifier helps us sleep better and improve our health almost immediately as it helps us breathe better and even our skin!







Now that you know these facts you can start trying them at home to give an extra shine to your cleaning!

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