How To Remove Musty Odors

How To Remove Musty Odors

How to remove musty odors? Although we may not know it, many times this can cause health problems due to allergies, mold or poor air quality in our own homes. And it usually occurs in enclosed spaces where there is little ventilation, since mold growth and a high accumulation of dust, which we do not notice with the naked eye, are produced.

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Some of the reasons why this unpleasant odor occurs are

-Moisture by capillarity: The water seeps through the walls and the problem is serious, as it implies that moisture is rising through the walls and you will have to contact an expert.

-Moisture due to filtration, most likely you have a leak, a problem for which you will also have to hire a professional to solve it.

-On the other hand, the humidity is due to condensation. This is common in bathrooms, kitchens, or houses with poorly insulated windows.

In this case, apply these tips on a daily basis and you will avoid the need for more drastic solutions.

Here are some tricks to eliminate bad odors

  1. Find the source of the odor.
  2. Use the activated charcoal trick Place a container of activated charcoal in the area that is going to eliminate the musty odor and leave it there for a few days.
  3. Or use the baking soda trick. This consists of sprinkling or placing a container of baking soda in the damp space. Leave it on for a day and then clean the area.

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W are sure that with these tips bad odors will soon disappear from your home, it’s just a matter of getting down to work!

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