How To Keep Your House Clean With Kids & Pets

How To Keep Your House Clean With Kids & Pets

How to keep your house clean with kids & pets? It is a frequent question we have and we all know that having children and pets at home is not easy and even more to keep it clean and tidy when there are always toys on the floor, pet accidents on the floor or carpet. But it is possible with some tips and product recommendations that we will give you today.

As we have had years of experience as a professional cleaning company, we have realized which products are best to use for cleaning when we have pets and children. We always recommend that you do or hire a cleaning company to do a deep cleaning every 2 weeks. So here are the tips for how to keep your house clean with kids & pets.

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Accidents happen

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As pet owners, accidents can always happen on the carpet and even more so when they are puppies, so we bring you a fantastic and practical option to clean up quickly and without odors. In another case when we have children they can spill on the sofa and we panic! but do not worry it is best to clean up right away or in case it does not come out easily it is better to call a company that will take care of cleaning it and leave it like new.





How to Keep Your House Clean With Pets


When we have children and pets at home the main thing is to always choose cleaners that are chemical-free and safe for them as they can irritate their skin or cause allergies. Here is a shortlist of recommendations for some safe products for children and pets.

  1. Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap
  2. Better Life Cleaning Products 
  3. Tide Detergent




Cleaning House

Teach Kids to Clean | Deep House Cleaning Center City, Philadelphia 🥇


When we have to do the cleaning of the house with children and pets can become a little complex but not impossible as we have said the key is the organization so what better than to tell the children to help us with small cleaning tasks such as picking up their toys and take them to their room and order them in their space where the toys go while you are doing the rest of the cleaning.




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