How to Insert a Duvet into a Duvet Cover

How to Insert a Duvet into a Duvet Cover

How to Insert a Duvet into a Duvet Cover? Inserting a duvet into a duvet cover can be a bit tricky, but with the following steps, you should be able to do it easily:

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Lay the Duvet Cover Flat:

  1. Spread the duvet cover out on your bed with the opening at the foot of the bed. Ensure that the cover is inside out, with the opening facing upward.
  2. Turn the Duvet Inside Out: Turn your duvet cover inside out, grabbing the corners at the closed end and flipping it over the duvet. The duvet should now be inside the cover.
  3. Match the Corners: Match the corners of the duvet with the corners of the duvet cover. This may involve reaching inside the cover to grab the corners of the duvet.
  4. Secure the Corners: Once the corners are matched, secure them by tying or buttoning them together. Many duvet covers come with ties or buttons in the corners to keep the duvet in place.
  5. Shake it Out: Stand at the open end of the duvet cover and shake the duvet and cover downward, allowing the duvet to settle into the cover. This may take some gentle shaking and adjusting.
  6. Button or Zipper Closure: If your duvet cover has buttons or a zipper, fasten it closed. This helps keep the duvet securely in place and prevents it from slipping out.
  7. Adjust and Smooth: Once the duvet is inside the cover, go around and smooth out any wrinkles or lumps. Make sure the duvet is evenly distributed within the cover.
  8. Close the Opening: If your duvet cover has ties, buttons, or a zipper at the open end, secure it to close the duvet inside. Ensure that the closure is secure so that the duvet doesn’t slip out during use.
  9. Fluff and Arrange: After closing the duvet cover, fluff and arrange the duvet and cover on your bed so that it looks neat and well-distributed.

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