How to Disinfect Your House Easily in only 5 STEPS!

How to Disinfect Your House Easily in only 5 STEPS!

How to Disinfect Your House Easily in only 5 STEPS! No one would deny that the Covid outbreak has inevitably led us to an evolved culture in which now we not only care about our personal health and hygiene but also our whole environment that surrounds us. Therefore, our first concern is to have our home absolutely clean and virus free.

The real question is, how can we maintain it?

Thankfully, Cleany® is fully prepared to answer your doubts and give you the best Hacks to maintain your house 100% disinfected.

  • Clear the Clutter

    Before you even start cleaning, go room to room and pick up the clutter. As you pick up each item – magazines, well-read paperbacks, old sneakers – consider whether you should put it away, toss it or donate it.

  • Wipe Mirrors and Glass

    Go through your house and wipe down the hard surfaces – from countertops, appliances and cabinets to doorknobs, light switches, TV remotes and telephones. You should disinfect some of those surfaces, particularly the ones that might deliver germs to people’s fingers and faces.

  • Focus on Tubs, Sinks and Toilets

    Spray cleaner on the kitchen sink then on bathroom sinks, tubs and toilets. Let it sit for a few minutes so the cleaner has time to dissolve dirt and stains. Then return to the kitchen and start scrubbing. Don’t forget to wipe down the inside of the microwave. Clean toilets last.

  • Wash Your Cleaning Tools

    Using a dirty mop or a vacuum with a full bag is much less effective, that means you’ll end up spending more time trying to clean. Thus, cleaning every tool before using it is essential for a well-done cleaning and don’t forget to disinfect every item after finishing.

  • Disinfect Everything

    The last thing to do is disinfect the whole area with an antibacterial spray around every object in the house. Lastly, use a disinfectant wipe for the common surfaces that people would usually reach.

Remember that Cleany® provides a variety of professional services! If you would like your home to be prepared and sparkling cleaned for any circumstances, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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