How To Clean Your House For Winter

How To Clean Your House For Winter

How to clean your house for winter? It is time to prepare our house for winter. A deep cleaning is the best way to have it ready for the cold weather.

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Once summer is over, it is time to prepare our home for winter. The cold weather makes us spend more time at home, sheltered from the inclement weather typical of this season. Before this happens, it is advisable to carry out a thorough cleaning of our house. In this way, we will enjoy the winter days more.


Schedule a deep cleaning

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Ideally schedule a deep cleaning, we should organize every room in the house. We can also take the opportunity to change the closet, take out the winter clothes, and put away the clothes that we will wear the following summer. Before putting them away, we will have to wash them to eliminate possible odors in our closet.

We will also have to clean the dirt from the walls. During the summer months, a lot of dust gets in through the windows, as they are always open. For that reason, we will have to pass a dry cloth by the walls of the rooms to eliminate the dirt accumulated during the summer. Similarly, it is advisable to clean the lamps and remove the curtains. If we have some curtains for the summer and others for the winter, it will be the moment to change them. If not, we will have to clean the ones we have. With a delicate wash in warm water and neutral detergent will be enough. Of course, if our curtains require dry cleaning, we will have to take them to the dry cleaner.



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Also, have to take out the winter bedding. The thin summer bedspreads will give way to quilts and blankets that will allow us to rest warmly at night. If we have special sheets for the winter, we will take them out. We will also wash the pillows and cushions of our bed with lukewarm water, and vacuum the mattress.

It is time to take out the carpets and create warm and cozy environments in the rooms, especially in the living room, a room where we will spend many winter evenings. Here we will also have to use the vacuum cleaner to remove dust deposited on the sofa and armchairs.



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We cannot forget the kitchen and bathrooms. The tiles in these rooms will be cleaned with warm water and neutral soap, baking soda, or a little ammonia. We will also take the opportunity to do the same with the furniture and leave the kitchen ready for the winter.


Balcony & garden

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If we have a terrace or garden, it will be convenient to pick up the furniture and cover it with waterproof covers to protect it from rain, wind, and humidity. It is also advisable to check the state of the drain. If it is full of leaves or dirt, it will not suction well, which will cause water to accumulate and enter our house.

Of course, we will have to collect the awning, since it can deteriorate if we have it open on a windy day. It is better to clean it and collect it to prevent it from breaking.



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