How to clean melamine furniture?

How to clean melamine furniture?

The cleaning and maintenance of melamine furniture requires little effort, because the closed composition of its surface makes it very hygienic, making it resistant to the cleaning process, as well as to friction and wear.

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To keep melamine furniture clean, just use a dry cloth (microfiber or polish) to remove surface dust. Scheduling a weekly cleaning routine helps the conservation of your furniture and avoids the cleaning becoming difficult.


How to clean melamine furniture?


1. Dry: For dusty furniture clean the furniture with a dry cloth. With this dry cleaning, we remove the remains of dust from the surfaces and all external dirt particles, this process prepares the surfaces for rinsing. If this simple step is not enough due to the accumulated dirt, we will continue with the next phase.

2. Rinsing:  Here the careful removal of the particles will be effective if before we apply some cleaning product, because the detergents will help to loosen the dirt and the bacterial films keeping them in solution or suspension. Any commercial product, preferably biodegradable, will help in this process.


3. Disinfection: For neglected or abandoned furniture that we need to reuse. During the rinsing a damp cloth was used to remove the dirt helped with some cleaning product, this is how the disinfectant agent will enhance its effectiveness. Once cleaned, the surfaces should be disinfected to eliminate or at least reduce the amount of resistant pathogenic bacteria.

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