How To Clean a Burnt Pot?

How To Clean a Burnt Pot?

How to Clean a Burnt Pot? One of the most common causes of pots catching fire and occasional accidents in the home is the improper use of a high flame or a big mistake.

How to Clean a Burnt Pot

A badly burned pot can cause serious damage, and it can be very difficult to remove the remains, so when you have one of these mishaps, make sure you know how to clean a burned pot.

There are several methods to make sure your food or drink doesn’t burn in your pans. So here are some simple tips to keep them clean and safe.

Follow these steps:

  1. Dissolve baking soda in a bowl with vinegar. Stir well so that the ingredients are integrated, until you get a paste.


  1. Impregnate the base and walls of the pot with the resulting mixture. Let the mixture stand for 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the stains on the utensil.


Wet the sponge in vinegar and start rubbing well all the walls of the pot. Use a metallic sponge for the stains.

Here's How to Clean a Burnt Pot or Pan with Two Ingredients

It is equally important to dry them with a soft and clean towel. The risk in leaving them to dry is that so-called “water spots” caused by minerals and other compounds such as fluoride may form. To remove water spots, soak pots and pans in carbonated mineral water, then rinse and dry them with a soft towel.

Always remember:

before applying any of these methods, perform a test in a hidden or inconspicuous area.

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