Fall Cleaning Tips

Fall Cleaning Tips

Do you need cleaning tips for fall? Fall is the perfect season for a reset. Let’s embrace this season of change to start fresh. Keep reading this blog to find tips.

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Fall cleaning tips:

  1. Declutter: Begin by going through each room in your home and decluttering. Donate or discard items you no longer need or use. This will create more space and make cleaning easier.
  2. Dust and Vacuum: Dust all surfaces, including shelves, baseboards, and light fixtures. Don’t forget to vacuum carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Consider getting your carpets professionally cleaned if necessary.
  3. Wash Windows and Curtains: Clean your windows inside and out to let in as much natural light as possible during the darker fall and winter months. Also, wash or dry clean curtains and drapes.
  4. Clean and Replace Filters: Replace or clean HVAC filters to ensure good indoor air quality. Clean or replace filters in other appliances like your vacuum cleaner, range hood, and dryer.
  5. Inspect and Maintain Heating Systems: Before the cold weather hits, have your heating system serviced to ensure it’s working efficiently. Dust and vacuum radiators or baseboard heaters.
  6. Check Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Test and replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. It’s crucial to have these in good working order, especially during heating season.
  7. Clean and Organize the Kitchen: Clean out the refrigerator and freezer, disposing of expired items. Wipe down all appliances, including the microwave and oven. Organize the pantry and cupboards.
  8. Focus on the Bathroom: Scrub tiles, grout, and the bathtub or shower. Clean and disinfect the toilet. Replace shower curtains or liners if needed.
  9. Outdoor Cleanup: Rake leaves, clear debris from gutters, and store outdoor furniture and summer equipment. Drain and store garden hoses to prevent freezing.
  10. Inspect and Seal Gaps: Check for gaps or cracks in windows and doors. Seal them to prevent drafts and heat loss during the colder months.
  11. Deep Clean Floors: Depending on your flooring type, give it a deep clean. For hardwood floors, consider using a wood cleaner. For tile or vinyl, mop thoroughly.
  12. Wash Bedding and Linens: Wash all your bedding, including blankets and comforters. Swap out lightweight summer bedding for warmer options.
  13. Prepare the Entryway: Create a dedicated space for wet boots and coats to prevent dirt and moisture from spreading throughout your home. A sturdy doormat can also help.
  14. Clean and Store Summer Gear: Clean and properly store summer gear such as bikes, camping equipment, and pool toys.
  15. Garden and Yard Cleanup: Trim back dead or overgrown plants, and cover sensitive plants to protect them from frost. Store gardening tools and clean them before winter storage.

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