Easy & Quick Steps To Clean Spots From Stainless Steel Appliances

Easy & Quick Steps To Clean Spots From Stainless Steel Appliances

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We all love to have stainless steel appliances because they are very durable, look good everywhere and are of great quality. But they get dirty very easily and we have to clean them every time they get stained.

If you have stainless steel appliances, especially a refrigerator with an ice and water dispenser, you’ve most likely experienced those water spots and drips that seem impossible to wipe away with normal methods.

Many of our customers tell us about this “problem” here we are going to tell you about the method we recommend to use to solve it.



You’ll need these products:

Stainless Cleaner or classic olive oil

Paper towel & soft microfiber cloth to buff and polish

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Follow these quick & easy steps:

Fold a paper towel into fourths. Apply about a quarter-sized amount of stainless cleaner or olive oil to your paper towel.

Start at the top of the appliance and apply with the grain of the stainless steel and from left to right.

Wipe away any excess with your paper towel

Buff with a microfiber cloth


We also recommend 3 top products that are a must in your kitchen so you can have everything organized and look good.


Forget about the mess

Hang on the faucet to store sponge, rag, cleaning balls, soap and other small items. Keeps everything neatly organized and clean!





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