• How to Clean a Diffuser

    How to Clean a Diffuser

    How to Clean a Diffuser? Cleaning a diffuser is essential to ensure it functions properly and to maintain the purity of the essential oils you use. Materials Needed: Water White vinegar or rubbing alcohol Soft cloth or cotton swabs Mild dish soap Essential oil (optional, for a pleasant aroma after cleaning) Steps: Unplug the Diffuser: Read more

  • Essentials for Vacuuming

    Essentials for Vacuuming

    If you’re trying to get rid of toxins in your home and keep the air you breathe as healthy as possible, you need a vacuum cleaner that not only removes dirt but also filters out those microscopic toxic particles that you can’t see.  Check these essentials for vacuuming. Here are some essentials for effective vacuuming: Read more

  • DIY Citrus Wood Polish

    DIY Citrus Wood Polish

    Making your own citrus wood polish is a simple and effective DIY project. Citrus oils not only add a pleasant fragrance but also have natural cleaning and polishing properties. Here’s a basic recipe for a DIY Citrus Wood Polish. Ingredients: 1 cup of olive oil or jojoba oil (as a base) 1/4 cup of white Read more

  • DIY Daily Clean Shower Spray

    DIY Daily Clean Shower Spray

    DIY Daily Clean Shower Spray. Creating your own daily shower spray is an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to keep your shower clean and free from soap scum and grime. Ingredients: 1 cup water 1/2 cup white vinegar 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol 1 tablespoon dish soap (choose one that cuts through grease) A few drops of Read more