7 Things that you have to clean daily

7 Things that you have to clean daily

7 Things that you have to clean daily 

It is a certain fact that cleanliness is an important factor for people’s well-being. Cleaning in specific areas and things facilitate this whole process, transforming homemaking into a simpler task. 

In Cleany® we specialize in cleaning homes and we love to give our customers different ways to have their home more sanitized. Always looking for the best for you!


Cleany®  presents  you the 7 things that you have to clean daily in order to  improve the cleanliness at  home.

  1. Sponges
    Sponges are the most used elements in the kitchen, they are allies of daily cleaning in all homes. Unfortunately, their pores hold tiny bacteria, mold and germs that spread easily. It is indisputably necessary to clean them after each use.

  2. Hand Towels
    People assume that because they  are clean when they dry off with a hand towel, it would also be clean after its use. Consequently, hand towels host bacteria and germs that you might not welcome into your hygiene routine.


  3. Kitchen countertops
    Considering all the things that you put on your countertops such as car keys, papers, money, purse, etc. It’s impossible to ignore how dirty they are. However, you must wipe down and disinfect them every day.


  4. Shower Walls
    In order to prevent mildew stains, you should run a squeegee with cleaning soap after each use.


  5. Sinks
    Sinks are the places where you wash the dishes, clean up messes and prepare food. People are not aware of this but sinks serve as feeding grounds for bacteria, resulting in illness-causing bacteria such as salmonella.


  6. Dirty Dishes
    Every day there are more people who leave the dirty dishes for the next day. Consequently, leftovers sauce and crumbs overnight attract bugs, making dishwashing more difficult than necessary.


  7. Coffee Maker
    If you are a coffee fanatic like us, you probably have a coffee maker at home that you use every day. Your coffee maker is a hot bed for mold and bacteria. Clean it every day in order to eliminate germs.

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