5 Household Items That Contain The Most Germs

5 Household Items That Contain The Most Germs

According to a study conducted by biologist Rob Dunn, a professor in the Department of Applied Ecology at the University of North Carolina, people live in their homes with around 200,000 species of bacteria, parasites, fungi, mites, and even insects. 5 Household Items That Contain The Most Germs

Disinfecting: Are You Really Killing Germs?

Although we tend to clean our homes regularly, certain areas tend to accumulate more dirt than others. Places that need more time, more dedication, and a deeper cleaning due to their tendency to be spaces where germs proliferate faster.


However, we must protect ourselves from harmful germs.


The kitchen, The bathroom and laundry room are also points of high concentration of germs.


1- Toilets 

Because of its function, it is not surprising that it tops this list. Therefore, it is advisable to clean this area and disinfect it frequently.


  1. Dishcloths 

To prevent these objects from accumulating a large number of germs, it is advisable to disinfect, leave, dry, and remove any food residue or stain that may .


  1. Toothbrushes

toothbrushes can accumulate up to 10 million bacteria. To prevent them from accumulating more and posing a health risk, it is important to keep them as far away from the toilet as possible.


  1. Cutting boards

These types of kitchen utensils, which are usually made of wood, are not always disinfected and cleaned as they should be.


  1. Coffee pots

Believe it or not, coffee pots create an environment of humidity and heat that helps the growth of bacteria and mold.

Germs? Reduce your risk with these 7 cleaning tips. | Michigan Health Insurance | HAP

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